Community Medicine


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Community medicine department deals with the study of epidemiology in communicable and non communicable diseases including environment, sanitation and hygiene. This subject has major contribution to preventive and control measures of diseases. This subject in the curriculum is taught in third and fourth years of the BHMS course, where Dr NTR University exams are held in fourth/final year. This subject is taught to the students in both theory and practical classes by the faculty.

Aim: At the end of course students shall able to

    • Organize elementary epidemiological studies to assess the health problems in the area.
    • Prioritize the most important problems and help formulate a plan of action to manage them under National Health Programme guidelines including population control and Family Welfare Programme.
    • Demonstrate the knowledge of principles of organizing prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
    • Organize health care service for special groups like mother, infants, under five children and school children, handicapped, adolescents, geriatric, rural tribal and urban slum dwellers.
    • Organize health care in case of calamities.
    • Plan and implement health education programmes.
    • Aware of national priorities and the goal to be achieved to implement primary health care including the Health For All.


01Dr. T D HemachandranMD(HOM)Associate Professor
02Dr . L. SwathiMD(HOM)Associate Professor