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    Our Pharmacy Department can be rightly named as “Taxonomy of Homeopathy”. The department consists of all the materials of academic importance. Museum consists of 20 specimens belonging to all the kingdoms along with all the instruments as mentioned in the Minimum Standard Requirements of Central Council of Homoeopathy. An Ethnic Herbal Garden is maintained inside the college campus with 112 varieties of medicinal plants. Students are taught to identify the medicinal plants in Herbal Garden. Departmental library consists of 65 books of latest editions.

    We have Drug Source Material from A to Z. We are equipped with all the materials used from 19th century to 21st century for the manufacture of homeopathic drugs. Thus such a material can give the students detailed information regarding the collection of Drugs Source and manufacture of Homeopathic drugs. Herbal garden also established in the college campus.

    Teaching program consists of theory classes and practical classes with very detailed demonstration in all the procedures of Maceration, Percolation, Medicating Procedures, Preparation of Potencies, Checking the impurities, Preparation of Mother tinctures as per Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India.


    :  Dr. T. THIYAGARAJ 
    :  MD(HOM)  
     :  Associate Professor  
    :  Dr ARUN S M 
    :  MD(HOM)  
     :  Assistant Professor